Sunday, April 22, 2012

1921. George Washington University honors Frederick Vernon Coville with a Doctorate of Science Degree.

(Columbian University changed its name to The George Washington University in 1904).

Eugene Clarence Aiken, Doctor of Laws
Clifford Kennedy Berryman, Master of Arts
Charles Henry Betts, Doctor of Humane Letters
Mabel Thorpe Boardman, Doctor of Laws
Thomas Edwin Brown, Doctor of Humane Letters
Melville Church, Doctor of Laws
Frederick Vernon Coville, Doctor of Science
Stephen Wallace Dempsey, Doctor of Laws
William Levering DeVries, Doctor of Divinity
Frederick Carlos Ferry, Doctor of Laws
Permeal Jane French, Master of Arts
Samuel Richard Fuller, Doctor of Humane Letters
Howard Lincoln Hodgkins, Doctor of Science
Alanson Bigelow Houghton, Doctor of Humane Letters
Jean Adrien Antoine Jules Jusserand, Doctor of Laws
Frances Parkinson Keyes, Doctor of Letters
Stephen Tyng Mather, Doctor of Laws
Beltran Mathieu, Doctor of Laws
Leila Mechlin, Master of Arts
North Overton Messenger, Master of Arts
Frank Wheeler Mondell, Doctor of Laws
George Higgins Moses, Doctor of Laws
Luther Wright Mott, Doctor of Laws
Robert Hastings Nichols, Doctor of Divinity
James Southworth Parker, Doctor of Humane Letters
Charles Wellman Parks, Doctor of Laws
Key Pittman, Doctor of Laws
John Garland Pollard, Doctor of Laws
Juan Riano y Gayangos, Doctor of Laws
V. Rolandi Ricci, Doctor of Laws
Charles William Richardson, Doctor of Science
Charles Alexander Richmond, Doctor of Laws
Arthur Charles Rounds, Doctor of Laws
George Dudley Seymour, Doctor of Humane Letters
Bertrand Hollis Snell, Doctor of Laws
Julia Marlowe Sothern, Doctor of Letters
Frank Springer, Doctor of Science
George Sutherland, Doctor of Laws
Robert Means Thompson, Doctor of Laws
Augustus Storrs Worthington, Doctor of Laws


Source2. List of Graduates in 1921

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